Better Equipment and Entity Tracking Software

BEE Tracking Software is a collaborative project that was developed by my team during our Fall 2022 Practicum Class. I served as the Technical Lead, which included reviewing code, delivering features, and coordinating architecture. This project uses Node.js, React.js, Azure CI/CD, and an SQL Database.

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager is a project that acts as an inventory for a character in an RPG game. It is controlled by a command line interface with commands to add items of various types, sort the inventory, and optimize the character’s equipped items.


Breakout is my rendition of the popular game Atari Breakout. Coded in Python, it utilizes the PyGame library to handle collisions and brick spawning. Additional features and polish are forthcoming.

Class Participation Tracker

Class Participation Tracker is a command line program that allows an instructor to track student participation by recording their grade on participation questions. It also keeps a persistent record of courses and the rosters. The program reads in CSV files of names and saves it’s own records to load on start up.